Talk about stuff that has nothing to do with Ghostbusters!
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By casper82
Im doing a Ghostbusters 3 related VFX video this month!!

On a Side note..I'm also meeting with ghost corps to put my hat in the ring to do some Old School SFX for the film .. Thanks to all my friends at Sony Picture for helping me out with this!! so happy Ghost Corps is next door to me and not off the back lot. fingers crossed

The Ep will have us design,sculpt and film and RC ghost in a Old ILM way CGI Scooby Doo FXs lol

check out some behind the scenes image on our Facebook.. ... 733118363/

Also here is the channel .. ... Mu59vSARyQ

Please Sub if you have not.. a lot of Ghostbusters over there !!
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By casper82

thank you so much
Should i build it?

Look forward to seeing the progression!


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